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Driving MAFAC's Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy


NonProfit Organisation


London, United Kingdom

Our Role

Social Media Marketing

Project Overview

MAFAC, a charitable organisation, partnered with Consult Base Global (CBG) to manage their digital marketing and social media content strategy. The objective was to enhance their online presence, increase engagement, and promote their charitable initiatives effectively.

The Challenge

The challenge was to develop a comprehensive digital marketing and social media strategy to boost engagement and raise awareness about their charitable work.


Audience Research

We conducted in-depth research to understand MAFAC’s target audience, their preferences, and the causes that resonated with them.

Content Strategy

Based on audience insights, we developed a tailored content strategy that included compelling storytelling, impactful visuals, and messaging that aligned with MAFAC’’s mission.

Paid Advertising

To expand MAFAC’s reach, we implemented targeted paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms, focusing on raising awareness and driving engagement.

Social Media Management

We managed MAFAC’s social media profiles across platforms, including content creation and post designs, scheduling, and engagement with followers. Regular posts, updates, and interaction helped maintain an active online presence.

Analytic and Reporting

We closely monitored social media performance and conducted regular analytics to assess engagement metrics, allowing us to refine our strategy continuously.

Measurable Impact

Regular analytics and reporting allowed for data-driven adjustments to the strategy, optimising performance over time.


CBG’s digital marketing and social media content strategy effectively addressed MAFAC’s challenges by enhancing their online presence, increasing engagement, and promoting their charitable initiatives. This collaborative effort between MAFAC and CBG enabled the organisation to reach a wider audience, gain support, and make a more significant impact in their charitable endeavours.

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