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A Business Development and Social Media Success Story with Cherub London


Beauty & Cosmetics


London, United Kingdom

Our Role

Social Media Marketing

Project Overview

Cherub London, a dynamic company aspiring for global expansion, sought expertise in business development and social media management. Their objective was to attract new customers, enhance brand visibility, and consistently engage with their global target audience.

The Challenge

Cherub London faced the challenge of expanding their online reach and needed guidance on effective strategies for growth. Their brand identity required refinement to resonate globally, and their social media presence lacked consistency and engagement.


Our collaboration with Cherub London yielded a personalised approach

Market Research and Strategy Development

We conducted thorough market research to lay the foundation for international expansion. This informed a tailored business development strategy, identifying key markets, customer segments, and effective marketing channels.

Content Creation and Localisation

Engaging, localised content was crafted to appeal to target markets, tailored to specific social media platforms to ensure consistency while catering to regional preferences.

Branding and Messaging

We refined Cherub London’s brand identity to resonate on a global scale, ensuring consistency across all communication channels.

Social Media Audit and Strategy

We audited their social media presence, developing a strategy aligned with their objectives, target audience, and global positioning. This included content creation, scheduling, community management, and performance tracking.


This collaboration showcases the transformative impact of a comprehensive approach to business development and social media.

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