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Krupa Bhatt

A Brand Identity Development for Krupa Bhatt


NonProfit Organisation


London, United Kingdom

Our Role


Project Overview

Abundance Foundation sought CBG to establish a strong brand identity. They recognised the importance of a compelling visual identity that would resonate with their mission, values, and target audience. Abundance Foundation approached us to create a brand identity proposal, including logos and colour palettes, to solidify their presence and messaging.

The Challenge

Personal Branding: As an individual in the charitable sector, Krupa needed a logo that embodied her personal values and professional expertise.

Visual Representation: Creating a visual symbol that encapsulated the essence of charity work and social impact was crucial.

Memorability: The logo needed to be memorable and recognizable, leaving a lasting impression on her audience.


Discovery and Consultation

We began by engaging in detailed discussions with Krupa to understand her personal values, mission, and vision. These insights formed the foundation for logo development.

Logo Conceptualization

Our design team brainstormed and conceptualised logo ideas that encapsulated the themes of charity, social impact, and Krupa’s unique personality.


Design Feedback Loop

We presented multiple logo concepts for review and feedback, ensuring that Krupa was an active part of the design process.

Refinement and Iteration

Based on Krupa’s feedback, we refined and iterated on the chosen logo concept, fine-tuning it to perfection.

Logo Delivery

Once the logo was finalised, we provided Krupa with file formats and guidelines for consistent logo usage across different mediums

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