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Reinventing Fakomm: Brand Guidelines and Logo Refinement




London, United Kingdom

Our Role


Project Overview

Fakomm Clothing, engaged CBG to create brand guidelines and a distinctive logo, aiming to establish a consistent brand identity in line with their vision.

The Challenge

Fakomm faced challenges such as lacking a clear brand identity, inconsistent branding, and the need for a unique logo that reflected their style.


CBG played a pivotal role in this project by providing comprehensive brand guidelines that not only defined Fakomm’s brand identity but also offered a clear strategic path for the company’s future. 

In addition, the creative team at CBG undertook the task of designing a distinctive logo that perfectly harmonised with Fakomm’s unique vision, encapsulating the essence of their fashion ethos and values.

CBG’s work has transformed Fakomm’s brand identity, boosting recognition, customer engagement, and overall brand appeal.

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