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Advancing Pest Control: Branding Success for Apex


Pest Control


London, United Kingdom

Our Role


Project Overview

Apex, a leading pest control company, approached us with the objective of developing a comprehensive branding package. This package included the creation of a distinctive logo for their business and the application of this brand identity to various stationery items such as business cards, letterheads, flyers, and vehicle branding

The Challenge

Brand Identity: They needed a brand identity that would distinguish them in the competitive pest control industry and effectively convey their expertise and professionalism.

Consistency: Ensuring consistent branding across various stationery items and vehicles was crucial to building trust and recognition among clients.

Visual Representation: Developing a logo and branding that visually represented pest control services while maintaining a professional and memorable aesthetic was a significant challenge.


Logo Design

Our design team conceptualised and crafted a unique logo that combined elements representing pest control services with a modern and memorable design.

Brand Application

We applied the newly created brand identity to a range of stationery items, including business cards, letterheads, vehicle branding and flyers, ensuring consistent visuals and messaging.

Brand Guideline

We developed comprehensive brand guidelines that detailed the usage of the logo, colour palette, typography, and other visual elements, ensuring consistency across all brand touchpoints.

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