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Podcast Optimisation


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London, United Kingdom

Our Role

Podcast Optimization

Project Overview

Consult Base Global partnered with Afrikindness to enhance their podcast’s appeal and engagement. The project involved audio editing, podcast cover page design, and the creation of social media reels to drive audience interaction

The Challenge

Afrikindness had a compelling podcast but lacked the resources to optimise its presentation. Their unedited audio content, and their lack of visually appealing assets on social media limited their reach and engagement. They needed a comprehensive solution to elevate their podcast’s quality and visibility.

The Solution

Consult Base Global provided Afrikindness with a holistic solution to address their challenges. First, our team meticulously edited their audio content, improving sound quality and removing distractions. This enhanced the overall listening experience and encouraged longer engagement.

To boost engagement on social media, we created captivating reels that featured highlights from the podcast. These short, attention-grabbing clips were tailored for various social media platforms, maximising their impact and reach.

Next, we designed eye-catching podcast cover pages that captured the essence of each episode, making it more enticing for potential listeners. These cover pages aligned with Afrikindness’ brand and helped create a cohesive visual identity.

By combining audio refinement, compelling visual assets, and engaging social media content, Consult Base Global helped Afrikindness not only maintain their existing audience but also expand their reach, ultimately fostering a stronger connection with their community and increasing their podcast’s impact.

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