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Painless Universal

Amplifying Impact Through Podcasts


Nonprofit Organisation


London, United Kingdom

Our Role

Podcast Optimization

Project Overview

Consult Base Global partnered with Painless Universal to enhance their digital presence and brand identity through a comprehensive initiative. This included creating engaging and dynamic podcast social media reels, strategic posts marketing the podcast, a compelling founder’s deck, and brand identity guidelines.

The Challenge

Painless Universal struggled to effectively convey their mission and attract their target audience. Their online presence lacked consistency and impact, hindering customer retention and investor engagement. The challenge was to create a unified brand identity and deliver compelling content across various platforms.

The Solution

Consult Base Global devised a comprehensive solution to address Painless Universal’s challenges.

First, we worked closely with the client to develop a captivating brand consistency and cohesiveness, we established comprehensive brand identity guidelines that encompassed everything from logo usage to tone of voice, enabling Painless Universal to maintain a unified and impactful brand presence across all touchpoints.

We also created dynamic Podcast social media reels that captured the essence of their brand and mission, fostering increased engagement and brand recognition across various platforms.

To further amplify their online presence, we developed a series of strategic social media posts that consistently conveyed their unique selling points and engaged their target audience.

For investor and partner outreach, we crafted a compelling founder’s deck that effectively communicated Painless Universal’s vision, market potential, and growth strategy, leaving a lasting impression on potential stakeholders.

Brand Guidelines Creation

Logo Mark Construction:
Our logo mark features the first letters of the words ‘Painless’ and ‘Universal’. The letters ‘P’ and ‘U’ merge with an arrow which flows with the letter ‘U’ pointing upwards to indicate progress or positivity.
Brand application:
Simple application of the brand colours, typography, logo, outdoor advertising and collateral, as well as social media posts.


Through our integrated approach, Consult Base Global empowered Painless Universal to not only strengthen their brand identity but also effectively engage their audience, attract potential investors and partners, and establish a lasting and impactful online presence.

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