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Project Management Office (PMO) Services

Navigating complex global initiatives with fewer resources and shorter timelines is our expertise. We assist companies in bringing innovations to market and achieving successful transformations.

We are dedicated to ensuring success at every stage, turning big ideas into reality.

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Your Strategic business execution & Enhancement Partner

In today’s competitive landscape, achieving efficiency, agility, and alignment across your entire team is paramount. Let us guide you in executing your strategic vision and achieving transformative results.

Project Management Enhancement

Collaborate with us to fortify your project management capabilities, unlocking operational efficiency and effectiveness to surpass expectations.

Change Management

From comprehensive readiness assessments to tangible benefits realisation, leverage our expertise in driving sustainable organisational change and transformation.

Agility Expertise

Empower your organisation to innovate and adapt seamlessly, accelerating your time-to-market and staying ahead of the curve with our tailored solutions.

Solutions made for your project needs:

PMO: Project Management Office solutions

Whether starting a new project, managing ongoing operations, overcoming obstacles, or improving performance, Consult Base Global has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals!

Project Initiation and Launch

Our PMO set up and project deployment services ensure a smooth start. We establish the necessary frameworks, processes, and governance structures to kickstart your project with confidence.

PMO Operations and Delivery

Once your project is underway, our PMO operations and project delivery services ensure seamless execution. We provide ongoing support, monitoring, and coordination to keep your project on track and ensure timely delivery of milestones.

Improvement and Recovery

If your project is facing setbacks, our PMO improvement and project recovery services will conduct assessments, identify areas for improvement, and implement corrective actions to get your project back on course.

PMaaS: Project Management as a Service

Benefit from a solution that handles all aspects of project and program management staffing, from hiring to onboarding, and even off-boarding.

You can seamlessly scale your project management team as needed. Take command of your programs, achieve more, and drive on-time, on-budget performance. With PMaaS, your project gains:

  • Efficiency and Adaptability
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Streamlined Procurement & Management
  • Swift Mobilisation
  • Expert-Led Embedded Teams
  • Smooth Task Connections

Project Initiation and Launch

Analysing your project's requirements guides us in tailoring our PMaaS to your specific needs.

Customised Solution Design

We design a bespoke PMaaS aligned with your project's goals, scope, and KPIs.

Team Formation

Our dedicated team of experts ensures effective project execution.

Project Kickoff

We initiate projects with a comprehensive kickoff meeting to align on goals and responsibilities.

Project Execution

Experienced project managers lead day-to-day activities to ensure project success.

Monitoring and Reporting

We provide ongoing updates and performance metrics for transparency.

Adaptation and Optimisation

We continuously improve our approach based on feedback and changing requirements.

Closure and Evaluation

Thorough evaluation against predefined KPIs informs future projects.

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With our diverse expertise and proven track record, we have the talent to drive your business forward and achieve sustained commercial success in an ever-changing market.

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With our diverse expertise and proven track record, we have the talent to drive your business forward and achieve sustained commercial success in an ever-changing market.

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We offer an integrated approach to B2B marketing, blending world-class sales talent with marketing services. From content creation to marketing operations, we will handle every aspect of your B2B marketing needs.

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